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April Fair

The April Fair has been a tradition in Sevilla for more than 150 years. The city decks out for the party. Its streets fill up with colors and noise; all its inhabitants take the streets, it is their big party.

The Fair had its origins as a Cattle Fair, but with time, it has evolved in what it is today: a great festivity where thousands of tourists, famous people, artists and visitors meet… Nowadays it constitutes one of the most important folkloric celebrations in Spain and one of the main tourist attractions in Sevilla.

The façade is its main access, and its construction starts at the beginning of each year. The great act of the official opening of this fiesta is “el Alumbrao”(The Lighting) that starts every year with the lighting of half a million lanterns and bulbs, most of them in the Façade. On the night of El Alumbrao   the “Cena del Pescaito” (The Little fish Dinner) takes place which main dish is, as its name tells, fried little fish accompanied by manzanilla (a dry pale Spanish cherry) or a glass of fino (dry cherry).

Those who visit Sevilla will enjoy a whole week of music, dance, gastronomy and an unrivaled atmosphere. Having a good time surrounded by a festive and friendly environment is the main reason to attend the fair.
The fair ends its week of party with a burst of fireworks by the river. 

Flamenco Live Free Show.

Flamenco Live Free Show. Every Night Dinner and 'Tapas' with flamenco show. Andalusian flavour, Seville flavour.

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