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Macarena's Wall

Macarena’s Walls make up the remains of the walled grounds of Islamic Sevilla, though for many years they were thought to be Romans. Two thirds of the walls were restored between 1984 and 1988 and in July 2006 the project for the reform of the last third of the Wall was passed. 

Historically, one of the access doors to Sevilla City was Macarena’s Arch, located next to Basilica of Virgin Esperanza Macarena. Catholic kings and queens like Isabel and Fernando have passed through this door to access the city.

At Macarena’s Arch you can see a mosaic that represents Virgin Esperanza Macarena, five stone plaques of different dates and three coats of arms representing Spain, Seville and Macarena’s Fraternity. The Arch is closely linked to the Holy Virgin of Esperanza Macarena; its fraternity crosses it every year at the beginning and at the end of the penance station at Good Friday’s Dawn (Madrugá del Viernes Santo).

Close to Macarena’s Arch and Wall, adjacent to San Gil Parrish (former venue of the Fraternity), there is  Basilica of Macarena.

The high altar of the basilica is presided by the image of Esperanza Macarena, which is immensely worshiped in Sevilla. It is one of the greatest symbols of Macarena neighborhood and of the City of Sevilla.  

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