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The construction of the Cinco Llagas or Sangre Hospital solemnly began on March 12th 1546. It was built due to the will of Don Fadrigue Enriquez de Ribera, who decided to erect a new building to host the charity foundation created by his mother, Doña Catalina de Ribera in 1500.

The building was started by Martin Gainza who ran it until his death in 1556. In 1558, Hernan Ruiz II was designated to continue the construction works and a year later the hospital was opened, though construction works continued well into the 17th century.

The rectangular plan of the building is quite similar to the Major Hospital in Milan. The interior space is organized around ten patios but only nine were really built and eight are preserved until today. The patios and the wide galleries allow the sun to enter and guarantee the exterior ventilation, according to the model of a renaissance hospital.

The special feature is settled by the church, located exempt in the central patio and higher than the rest of the building. In the interior, the most outstanding things are the Ionic order, as well as the vaults that cover the nave and the crossing.
The hospital had, in its times, exceptional hygienic conditions such as sewers or water supply by means of an aqueduct. During its existence it did a great job assisting people, especially in times of floods and pests. The hospital closed in February 1972 due to its terrible state of repair.

Years later, steps are taken by the Council of Sevilla for the cession of the building to the autonomous institutions. In 1986, the first projects are made and a year later works began. The first phase of the restoration opens in 1992. The ceremony for the end of the building restoration was led by their Majesties on February 20th 2003.

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