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Holy Week

Holy Week in Sevilla has a special transcendence due to the moving religious and popular celebrations that have been held for centuries in these dates, and which attract year after year tourists from around the world.  It is declared of International Tourist Interest being one of the big spring fiestas in the city along with the April Fair.

With the arrival of Palm Sunday, Sevilla takes the streets to live its Holy week, to accompany Jesus in his agony and resurrection, the Fraternities start their penance station for which they have prepared and reflected for a year.
The Fraternities make their penance processions along the narrow streets of the city. There are many streets, plazas and special spots where you can live and feel the passing of the Fraternities, where you can listen to a Flamenco verse or to the sound of a processional march. All the fraternities make, during their penance station, a stretch of the journey which is compulsory. It is called the Official Race and starts at Plaza de la Campana and goes along Sierpes, Plaza del Salvador, Constitucion Avenue, Virgen de los Reyes Plaza and Cathedral, turning then back to its venue. 

Sevilla reaches its most splendorous day with the arrival of “La Madrugá” (The Dawn). It happens between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Fraternities of great devotion and popularity, like El Silencio, Gran Poder, Macarena, Trianera, el Calvario and los Gitanos, make of this night their penance station. During these days the Sevilla people usually wear mourning clothes as a sign of pain for Christ’s death.

For a week, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday, 57 fraternities go along the streets of Seville in their penance.

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