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Golden Tower

The Gold Tower, emblematic image of Sevilla, is located on the bank of Guadalquivir River, in front of the popular Betis Street on Triana Neighborhood.

This popular and beautiful Almohade tower was built in the 13th century by the Almohade and was part of its defensive system. Thus, it is an Albarrana tower (defensive) and it’s linked to the Alcazar by a stretch of the wall. It has a dodecahedron plan, a hexagonal intermediate section and a circular higher section added in the 18th century.

It takes its name from the golden tiles which cover it; though there is another version that tells the name was taken from the ships which arrived there from America full of gold and riches.

Today, the Gold Tower is as emblematic to Sevilla as the Giralda itself. It houses the Navy Museum which exhibits different objects and pieces related to the marine life of Sevilla.  It is also an emblematic and unquestionable museum which provides wonderful views to the city from Los Remedios and Triana.

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